Tuesday, 31 January 2017

New Project: Rokeach on Sefer Yetzira

Josephine McCarthy recently wrote in a blog post: "The struggles with Magical Training, and the Quareia Apprentice Section":

The progress, particularly in the apprentice section also relies not only on your work ethic and keen mind, it also depends upon your body, what is happening to your body at that time, and also what is happening around you at work, at home and out in the world. You are a part of a holism in life, and the course works through that holism: there will be times it is not right for you to jump forward, and you will be held back. At other times, you will push forward suddenly – the tide is in your favour.
Recently there have been a number of significant changes in my life. The world too seems to be changing at a rapid pace and for the last few months I've been riding it out - waiting to start doing meditation on a regular basis again.

Now it feels like it's the right time to start another cycle of learning Sefer Yetzira (Book of Formation) and by the looks of it - I am not the only one.

A new year calls for studying a new commentary on Sefer Yetzira. And no commentary on Sefer Yetzira is ever old.

Here are the details of the new project:

Scope: Read and translate chapter 1 of commentary on Sefer Yetzira by Rabbi Eliezer of Worms (wonkypedia link on author)
Time: 10 week deadline
Cost: Sunk cost of books purchased ($43)
Quality: Translate minimum of 2 pages per week and meditate on content minimum of 2 times per week
Communication: Summary of key points in each verse and any interesting experiences from the meditation sessions
1.Lack of time, need to set aside dedicated evenings for this.
2. Inability to translate, or understand the translation (Hebrew Immersion project was preparation for this project
3. May not achieve any meaningful results until completing chapter 2, planned for next project
Issues: 1. Difficult to understand terms of reference from 12th century text.
Stretch Goal: Read and translate chapter 2 before the start of the next project