Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Project Re-Start: Connecting the Letters

In a recent post I wrote about a meditation to connect to each of the Hebrew letters. Whilst the project has started... I am finding that doing a letter each day is much more effective than doing one letter each week. The other change that I may make is to start with the Mother letters, then Double letters, and finally Simple (Elemental) letters.

Here is the updated project description:
Connecting the Letters
Scope: Combine each letter with 21 others. Attempt to combine each letter with four-letter Name. One letter each day for 22 weeks.
Time: 22 weeks (approximately)
Cost: Most evenings per week.
Quality: Output of experiences will be recorded to evaluate how "energies" from each of the 22 letters "feels",
Communication: Progress update at end of project.
1. Daily meditation of this nature is very time intensive at the slow pace that letters are meant to be sounded. (Warm up can take up to 20 minutes alone)
2. Project fatigue may kick-in
Issues: 1. Difficult to measure how effective the project might be.
First thing to note about the meditation so far is just how different each letters feels, tastes, and sounds. It's subtle, but I get a definite sense of identity from each letter.

Not in a "Hi, I'm Aleph and I like dogs, going for long walks in the country, and long comfortable silences". But rather that feeling you get when you have been around someone for awhile (in your life) and when they are close - they have a certain mental shape in your awareness even if you cannot see, hear, or touch them. A bit like knowing that a loved one is in a room nearby.

Please note that I do not think or relate to the Hebrew letters as if they are people, spirits or in any way anthropomorphic. The description in the above paragraph is just a way to convey the idea in a familiar way. I think of the letters as living in the same way that everything in the Multiverse is alive. The electricity coming in to this computer as I write this blog has Shefa (Divine flow), the letters are simply more refined and abstract channels of Divine consciousness constantly manifesting the physical and spiritual worlds.

On a separate note... it's good to be focusing on just magic again on this blog. I felt a bit like my focus was diverging into too many different channels. Now I am back on the path... well, technically 32 paths.