Monday, 11 August 2014

This is not a reivew: Merkabah Rider by Edward M Erdelac

This is not a review of Edward M Erdelac's four books of short stories, but if it was it would be effusive with praise shouted from the rooftops. I bought the first book awhile ago and did not get around to reading it right away... and then to break up the monotony of reading project management books I decided to try reading the first book. In just under 2 weeks I had read all four books.
For those unfamiliar with Merkava Mysticism, it was a set of techniques used by Jewish mystics in the early centuries of the common era (and possibly before) that used Ezekiel's vision as a means of Heavenly ascent. The teachings of Ma'aseh Merkava ("Workings of the Chariot") made their way from the Near East to Germany and then on to Spain.

The last of an ancient order of Jewish mystics capable of extraplanar travel, The Merkabah Rider roams the demon haunted American West of 1879 in search of the renegade teacher who betrayed his enclave. But as the trail grows fresher, shadows gather, and The Hour Of The Incursion draws near...

The Merkabah Rider stories weave together the Merkava mystical ascent narrative in to the Wild West setting. It combines so many elements of Jewish Magic, Myth, and Mysticism that I was glad to have my copy of The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism by Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis on hand for cross-referencing of terms.

If that was not enough of a reason to read the stories, they are all really well written and I just couldn't stop reading them. The fact that it combined Jewish mythology with Cthulhu mythology was just a cherry on top of the icing of this excellent series.

Merkabah rider series gets 5 out of 5 stars.