Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Mis-adventures in Magic - part 5: Lightning Sprites

You know when you're getting a certain reputation when a fried sends you a Facebook message that says:
"Should we blame the unseasonal weather on your messing with Sefer Yetzirah?"
It's been pretty cold in Britain recently.

I'll keep the write-up of this mis-adventure in magic brief:
  • Spent some time listening to music produced by Tesla coils over the course of a week on Youtube
  • Meditated about lightning moving as if alive whilst walking on my daily commute
  • Got distracted by thinking about an apartment where I used to live
  • Accidentally overlaid the image of living lightning forming a cube around the apartment
  • Got a call a week later from the people in the apartment, the fridge died
  • Got a call a week later - the cooking top cracked and caught fire
  • Asked for help on how to undo the damage I had inadvertently caused
  • No issues reported since reversal of the visualization
Please note that I have paid $450 for a new fridge and $500 for a new cooker top. I'm very fond of the people in the apartment, I whole-heartedly regret my mistake.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Another simple letter meditation

 This meditation is based on Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation), Chapter 1.
  1. Clear your mind.
  2. Cycle through the letters of the Aleph Bet
  3. Pronounce the sound of the beginning of the letter... for example
    1. Aleph: Ah
    2. Bet: Beh 
    3. Gimmel: Gi-h
    4. Dalet: Dah
    5. Heh:  Heh
    6. Vav:  Vah
    7. Zayin:  Zah
    8. Chet:  Cheh
    9. Tet:  Teh
    10. Yud:  Yoh
    11. Kaf:  Kah
    12. Lamed:  Lah
    13. Mem: Meh
    14. Nun:  Nu-h  
    15. Samech: Sah
    16. Ayin:  (A)ah  (A) means gutteral, from deep int he throat
    17. Peh:  Peh
    18. Tzadi:  Tzah
    19. Kuf:  Ku-h  
    20. Resh: Reh  
    21. Shin: Sheh
    22. Taf:  Tah
  4. So the whole chain in one go is:
    1. Ah - Beh - Gi-h - Dah - Heh - Vah - Zah - Cheh - Teh - Yoh - Kah - Lah - Meh - Nu-h - Sah - (A)ah - Peh - Tzah - Ku-h - Reh - Shih - Tah
  5. Once you are able to go through the sounds of all the letters in quick succession, then start with the 2nd letter Bet and finish with the first - Aleph.
    1. Beh - Gi-h - Dah - Heh - Vah - Zah - Cheh - Teh - Yoh - Kah - Lah - Meh - Nu-h - Sah - (A)ah - Peh - Tzah - Ku-h - Reh - Shih - Tah - Ah 
  6. After that start with the 3rd letter Gimmel and finish with the 2nd letter Bet.
    1. Gi-h - Dah - Heh - Vah - Zah - Cheh - Teh - Yoh - Kah - Lah - Meh - Nu-h - Sah - (A)ah - Peh - Tzah - Ku-h - Reh - Shih - Tah - Ah - Beh 
  7. The ultimate aim of this meditation is to be able to use each letter as a starting letter to cycle through the rest of the Aleph Bet from Aleph to Taf, Bet to Aleph, Gimmel to Bet.... Shin to Resh, Taf to Aleph

If this seems like a boring meditation... it helps if (1) you are familiar with the Aleph Bet and (2) you can visualize the letters as you cycle through them.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Simple Letter Medtiation

This meditation is based on Rabbi Abraham Abulafia letter meditation.

  1. Clear your mind.
    1. My preferred way of doing this is to count 1 to 10 and then 10 back to 1 a number of times until my mind still enough to only focus on the numbers. 
  2. Cycle through the letters of the Aleph Bet and combine each letter with the 5 vowels in the following order: o - a - e - i - u
  3. With each letter plus vowel combination, you need to move your head as if you are drawing (or etching) the vowels with each letter:
    1. o - move your head from facing forwards to looking upwards (the return to facing forwards)
    2. a - move your head from right to left (the return to facing forwards)
    3. e - move your head from left to right (the return to facing forwards)
    4. i - move your head from facing forwards to looking downwards (the return to facing forwards)
    5. u - move your heads forwards and backwards 
  4. For example.... for Aleph
    1. Ohhh - move head up
    2. Ahhh - move head right to left
    3. Ehhh - move your head left to right
    4. Ihhh - move your head down
    5. Uhhh - move your head forwards and back (repeat)
  5. For example...
    1. Bet: Boh, Bah, Beh, Bi-h, Bu-h 
    2. Gimmel: Goh, Gah, Geh, Gi-h, Gu-h
    3. Dalet: Doh, Dah, Deh, Di-h, Du-h
    4. Heh:  Hoh, Hah, Heh, Hi-h, Hu-h 
    5. Vav:  Voh, Vah, Veh, Vi-h, Vu-h  
    6. Zayin:  Zoh, Zah, Zeh, Zi-h, Zu-h  
    7. Chet:  Choh, Chah, Cheh, Chi-h, Chu-h  
    8. Tet:  Toh, Tah, Teh, Ti-h, Tu-h  
    9. Yud:  Yoh, Yah, Yeh, Yi-h, Yu-h  
    10. Kaf:  Koh, Kah, Keh, Ki-h, Ku-h  
    11. Lamed:  Loh, Lah, Leh, Li-h, Lu-h  
    12. Mem: Moh, Mah, Meh, Mi-h, Mu-h
    13. Nun:  Noh, Nah, Neh, Ni-h, Nu-h  
    14. Samech:  Soh, Sah, Seh, Si-h, Su-h  
    15. Ayin:  (A)oh, (A)ah, (A)eh, (A)i-h, (A)u-h  (A) means gutteral, from deep int he throat
    16. Peh:  Poh, Pah, Peh, Pi-h, Pu-h  
    17. Tzadi:  Tzoh, Tzah, Tzeh, Tzi-h, Tzu-h  
    18. Kuf:  Koh, Kah, Keh, Ki-h, Ku-h  
    19. Resh:  Roh, Rah, Reh, Ri-h, Ru-h  
    20. Shin:  Shoh, Shah, Sheh, Shi-h, Shu-h  
    21. Taf:  Toh, Tah, Teh, Ti-h, Tu-h  
Cycle through all the letters of the Aleph-Bet in order at least once. Once you get used to doing this and can do it with your eyes closed, go around the letters several times.

I have done this on and off for a couple of years and I'm only conscious of the sound of the letters in my ears and a vague sense of what letter is coming next. I would not say that my mind is blank but rather that I am on the precipices between the conscious and unconscious mind, or at least that is how it feels.

I have yet to do this meditation with combination of letters. I.e. combining Aleph with all the letters (and all the vowels), then Bet with all the letters, etc.

Please note that Rabbi Abraham ABulafia specifies how many breaths you can take between each letter and letter group (when combining letters). I'll leave it up to you to track down those details as to be honest... I can't remember them.

Finally... it took me about 2-3 week of doing this meditation every day to feel any effects. By effects I mean improved concentration, memory, awareness and ability to visually engrave and carve the Hebrew letters in my imagination.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Misadventures in Magic - part 4: Simon Goes Boom

It's not been that long since I hung up my wizard hat.

I thought that this break in magical growth, experimentation and learning might be in the order of years, but a few short weeks ago I got the bug again and started meditating.

The thing about my regular meditation is that:
  1. They are pretty basic letter meditations
  2. The aim is not to still the mind, that is just the starting point
  3. Beyond being totally absorbed in meditating on the letters, I'm still trying to learn what to do next
With regards to 3. not knowing what to do next - I had thought to build a mental star-gate and go exploring with my favourite mystic. So to make this a reality I picked up Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation) and started working through each of the verses in Chapter 1 meditating for longer and in more depth than before.

Perhaps the warning signs of feeling worn and stretched should have given me pause. But instead of the effects of over-doing it (i.e. going too fast & hard through SY) manifesting in a gradual manner - my body sort of shut down.

Within the space of a day I lost my appetite almost entirely, slept for 24 hours in a 48 hour period and when I went to get something off the floor - spent the next couple of hours gathering sufficient strength to get back in to bed. Now you might think that this is all a bit melodramatic and that is exactly what my wife said.

However, I caught a glimpse of my psychic fuse box to see which breakers had blown due to channeling more that I could handle. The brief vision I had was of a row of doors all standing wide open. At first I did not understand what that meant and then it dawned on me... I'd blown every fuse and was almost entirely drained of energy.

Rather than rush to recharge my energy levels as quickly as possible, I decided instead to let them recharge naturally. Slowly but surely my physical strength started to come back and by re-introducing regular meditation I started to feel more like normal within a few days. It was truly amazing to see how regenerative the body in terms of healing itself and recharging itself.

Anyway, lesson learned is: walk, run and then try to tear a hole between dimensions. On the plus side, I now understand the limits of how much I can handle / channel and that not remembering much from a meditation session is actually a good thing. It can be a sign that conscious mind has got the message and is letting the unconscious mind do what it needs to whilst the conscious mind is busy carving letters.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Some video diversions...

At the weekend I was involved in a discussion of Jewish history between 4th and 6th centuries CE, that led to a discussion about the rise and fall of empires. The main speaker at the informal gathering mentioned that he believed empires often had a late surge before they declined.

This finally led to someone very special to me recommending that I watch the following video.

Normally I'd just pot a link on Facebook, but the speaker's emphasis on learning reminded me of RO's comments on ability to learn in a recent blog post.

Educate yourself... all the time! Learn how you learn best and play to your strengths.

This video below is just for fun. It reminds me of how it feels sometimes to meditate on the Hebrew letters... Sefer Yetzira (Book of Creation) 1:6

Ten Sefirot of Nothingness
Their vision is like the "appearance of lightning
Their limit has no end
And His Word in them is "running and returning"
They rush to His saying like whirlwind
And before His throne they prostrate themselves