Friday, 6 July 2012

Project update 06 July 2012

It's been awhile since the previous project update, it was on February 28th to be exact.

Here is a brief summary of ongoing and recently completed projects:

Hebrew Immersion;
The Torah study is going well, I'm in to my second year of reading through it with Rashi's commentary translated. Whilst my Hebrew has not improved much in the past year or so, my knowledge of the Torah has and this foundation will help advance my studies in Kabbalah. The Nach studies (Prophets and Writings) on the other hand has ground to a complete halt. On the plus side, I'm reading 1 to 3 Mishnah(s) per day.

Sefer Yetzirah Readers Club;
A friend and I sat down every 2 weeks to study Sefer Yetzirah, practice meditation to gain experiential learning and then share our experiences. The project was very successful but is currently on pause whilst we research other topics in Kabbalah such as “shortening of the way” and maggidim,

Here are some posts generated from the research and pratice done in the SYRC:

Messing with the Weather
Drought Mitigation Strategies was an attempt to bring about rain. On the whole it could be argued that it was a success. The problem is that when I then tried to pray for sunshine it was pretty disastrous. It's been a very wet summer in London this year.

Other Projects: Finance and Finding a Teacher

Aside from a relatively (and rare) attempt to improve my financial position, the next big project between now and the start of September** that's been kicked off is to try to make contact with a maggid, a spiritual messenger which is either part of the higher self, an angel or an a soul of a righteous person whose teachings remain alive today.

** - In September the next set of American Football games start for the NFL 2012 regular season. Again I'll be doing my best to boost the Detroit Lions. I expect that in time, the regular season will be a testing ground for all the ideas and techniques that I've learned in the off-season.