Monday, 2 April 2012

Collective Noun for…

Project Managers
When my employer last made a large staff cut, it removed 70% of the project managers. At the time the main question on my mind was: “What is a collective noun for Project Managers?”

It is, I will readily admit, a silly question to be asking when my livelihood was at risk and the business was suffering due to its inability to adapt to a changing world. I asked a number of my colleagues and got several interesting and amusing answers: a slip, a risk, a contingency… of project managers. Here is a link to some more suggestions. 

It was absurd question in a time when everyone seemed to acting in an irrational manner. Perhaps it was my way of taking the chaos, uncertainty & madness and condensing it in to a single question.

Unfortunately chaos, uncertainty and madness are daily facts of life right now. At a global level the geopolitical map is changing, technology is transforming how we interact and people are taking their views on to the streets to protest about how they would like their environment to change.

At the same time that all this chaos is going on, there is also an explosion of creative experimentation, growth, experience sharing and exploration going on in various occult communities. As evidenced by what is happening in the blogosphere and publishing world for example.

However, there is one corner where chaos energy is not being transmuted in to growth. Rufus Opus has already blogged about it here and Rob posted about it here .

To me it feels quite a lot like my silly question, getting distracted by nonsense when there was important work to be done.

The Ugly (Truth)
My experience of interaction with people interested in the occult and esoteric studies – is that there are lots of cool & interesting people with a few muppets & weirdos. But the risk of getting cornered by a conspiracy theorist or self-proclaimed messiah after a lecture on the occult is more than off-set by the chance to discuss ideas, experiences and renew my enthusiasm.

"GD flame war? Those guys really like to keep a tradition alive"

Nothing quite, in my opinion, beats listening to what others are passionate about, comparing notes from different schools of thought and experiencing the syncretism of ideas evolving.

In closing, here are a couple of suggestions for collective nouns for wizards and witches. (Plus this amusing bonus collective noun sheet for gaming geeks). 

My suggestion for the collective noun for any practitioner who takes part in a flam war is: opportunity-waster. If you have enough time and energy to take part in a flame war, just think about how much more you could achieve doing magic?

Edit: Aaron Leitch has writtena really good post, IMO, about the Golden Dawn.