Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Follow your Passion

Passion in mundane pursuits

There is a lot of discussion in the online Project Management community around “being passionate about Project Management.” At first I thought the idea a curious one, how can one be passionate about a risk register or a budget?

Then I started coming across the idea of joy, passion and bliss in other sources such as these quotes:

“Follow your bliss.” Jon Bentley, author of Programming Pearls
“I believe that I just work better if I enjoy what I’m doing. I suspect that if anybody wants to be ‘the best’ at whatever they do, they have to realize that it takes decades of hard work. And the main way to actually keep doing decades of hard work is to simply enjoy it so much that you don’t want to stop.” Linus Torvalds, original author of GNU/Linux
As well as this advert by BMW The Story of Joy (1 minute advert).

Linus’s quote is particularly apt when it comes to magical practice. It takes a long time, you have to work at it and there are many occasions on which it seems that it’s too much of a struggle for too little reward. So how do you find the motivation to go on?

Joy in magical and mystical paths
Some people find external motivating factors such as commitments to their community, financial or other rewards. But to me the biggest motivator is that my studies and practice give me joy. Not all the time, in fact only on a few occasions. Those few instances are enough to remind me why I spend so many hours of my life in the pursuit of experiential knowledge – its joy.

So coming full circle I can now see why passion is so important. The question that remains is: what gives you joy and are you doing something that is a burden or a passion?